Thursday, October 13, 2011

Best Microfilm Scanning Services Company?

Generation Imaging- located in South Florida- offers many microfilm scanning services and related micrographics services:

  • 16mm roll film digitization
  • 35mm roll film conversion
  • COM microfiche scanning
  • Jacket microfiche conversion
  • Step-and-repeat microfiche scanning
  • Rewritable microfiche digitization
  • Aperture card scanning
  • Slide scanning
  • 16mm archive writing
  • Florida document scanning
  • Large format document scanning
  • OCR and searchable PDFs
  • Indexing and data entry
  • Film duplication
  • Custom made processes and more

Part of Generation Imaging's microfilm scanning services include quality control standards based on your needs and requirements, including 100% QC. Images can be autocropped, manually cropped, deskewed, split, and rotated. Output formats include various compressions of TIFF, JPEG, PDF, PNG, and other types. Files can be named and grouped however you wish.

But what makes Generation Imaging different than the hundreds of companies that offer microfilm scanning services? The answer is Damian Hospital and Dan Gandul, who are technical experts in the industry and two men who will get their hands dirty by actually performing tasks other CEOs won't do. Dan and Damian will personally make sure your project goes out according to specifications- no training excuses or high personnel turnover like some other companies out there.

Another aspect of G.I.'s microfilm scanning services is communication: you will receive your price quote ASAP and you will be updated on your project's progress and shipping date. You can check out what people are saying about Generation Imaging.

Please do not hesitate to contact Generation Imaging for more information about our microfilm scanning services or company information.

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