Monday, October 8, 2012

Scanning Student Records

Generation Imaging is a trusted scanning service bureau in Florida that scans school records from all over he nation. Records include paper documents, microfiche, and roll film. Schools, universities, and colleges have contacted Generation Imaging for these types of conversions- usually for student record cards or teacher pension benefits.

Generation Imaging's staff has been digitizing school records since the 1990s and have assisted many educational institutions. G.I. does not outsource or subcontract projects and confidentially is always respected.

There are quite a few reasons why schools need to convert records to digital images: media degradation, a forthcoming disaster, space limitations, retrieval issues, or mandatory compliance. Generation Imaging can help before disaster strikes and the records are shown not to be "permanent".

File formats include PDF, TIFF, or JPEG. Folders or actual files can be indexed and named to whatever structure is most efficient. Believe it or not but the cost of a school record conversion is not as much as you may think.

Feel free to contact Generation Imaging for a free quote by e-mail or telephone.

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