Thursday, December 31, 2009

Buy Used Microfiiche Scanner or Outsource Microfiche Scanning?

With so many microfiche scanners on the market to perform document imaging, before you go out and invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on scanning equipment (or buy used document scanners on ebay with no warranty), you should consider the cost effectiveness of having a microfiche scanning company perform the digital conversion.

If your organization or company has COM fiche, jacket fiche, step-and-repeat microfiche, or rewritable fiche, it is generally cheaper and quicker to have Scanning Depot convert the microfiche scanning than it is to invest in Sunrise, NextScan, Wicks & Wilson, or Mekel microfiche scanners.

You may feel that spending money on microfiche scanners is a quick solution, but it's not. Consider labor, scheduling, training, and maintenance. Also consider what you want to do with the microfiche scanners after you complete the digital conversion. Do you want to get into the niche market of digital microfiche conversion? Or will you microfiche scanners sit and depreciate in value?

Trust me, learning how to digitize microfiche in a production environment is not easy as you'd think, especially when you have to supervise and manage the document imaging processes. When you include the hours of labor to the cost of scanning hardware and software, you are not looking at a profit.

That's why companies send their microfiche to Scanning Depot. Even microfich scanning companies with their own scanners would be wise send fiche to Scanning Depot because of the time and cost benefits.

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