Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Are You In Search Of a Microfiche Reader?

Microfiche readers project images on to a screen for easy viewing. You can view and read the contents on a microfiche cards when you enlarge the information by projection. The microfiche reader allows you to read information that is not seen with the naked eye.  A dual slot microfiche reader is even more suitable. If you need to compare something on a microfiche card to something on a second microfiche, you can load both.

Microfiche readers have been a very helpful tool for reading microfiche cards. Microfiche readers were once the most efficient way to read the information on microfiche cards. Without a microfiche reader, you would have had to use a magnifying glass on top of a light table to read something on the microfiche. Microfilm readers are not needed as much now because there are better ways to read the microfiche cards.

We can convert the information on your microfiche cards to digital images. Digital files are stored on a computer for easy viewing. After the scanning process, you can use your computer as your only source for viewing the information. You can do many things with a computer file that you were not able to do efficiently with the microfiche cards. What is even better, is the convenience of finding the images you need at lighting speed, and you won't have to worry about misplacing microfiche cards ever again. If you still want a microfiche reader, let us know, and if you want to convert the microfiche to digital images,  we can do that very efficiently for you, and is fast.

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