Thursday, March 25, 2010

Florida Microfilm Scanning Bureau

If you have an opportunity for a microfilm conversion or need to convert microfiche to PDF or TIFF, you should know that Generation Imaging is a scanning bureau that offers a wide-range of micrographics processes, microfilming, and film scanning services, such as:

Microfilm conversion services: 16mm microfilm scanning and 35mm microfilm scanning using a NextScan digital microfilm scanner and other high-quality, high-speed microfilm scanners.

Microfiche scanning services: Generation Imaging can convert microfiche to PDF, TIFF, JPEG and other file formats. G.I. can scan different microfiche types, like COM microfiche conversions, jacketed microfiche scanning, 35mm microfiche digitization, step-and-repeat microfiche conversions, and more.

Aperture card scanning: G.I. offers rock bottom aperture card scanning pricing. Generation Imaging can scan high volume aperture card projects, which are usually contain blueprints, maps, drawings, engineering schematics, nuclear power plants, and county records.

  • microfilming
  • archive writing
  • Florida document scanning
  • high volume Kodak color 35mm slide scanning, including scanning 35mm negatives
  • data entry and indexing
  • image processing (PDF, TIFF, OCR digital imageconversions)
  • Paper blowbacks (printing)
  • Document scanning equipment

Generation Imaging is a scanning company is that excited about providing film scanning and other microfilm scanning services for you even if you have your own microfilm equipment. There are cases where it is more cost-effective or quicker to subcontract work to Generation Imaging. Additionally, G.I offers competitive scanning prices for RFP government bids.

As the experts in microfilm conversions, the founders of Generation Imaging have an excellent track record, testimonials, and experience from hundreds of the world’s largest and most notable organizations who subcontract microfilm scanning or need in-house digital conversions. Co-founders Dan and Damian have completed numerous complex and detailed microfilm scanning projects, totaling one billion images +. This microfilm scanning company stands ready to give you a microfilm scanning price quote, and would be ready to begin conversion right away.

Using the best microfilm equipment and proprietary indexing , QC, and image processing software, our digital imaging processes include microfilm scanning services, microfiche scanning, aperture card conversion, document imaging, OCR, autocrop, manual crop, deskew, TIFF to PDF, multi-tiff, multi-pdf, CSV files, txt files, duplex image splitting, fully-customizable imaging processes, and much more.

Generation Imaging is microfilm scanning company that can digitize all types of microform, like 16mm roll film, 35mm roll film, 16mm 3m or Kodak cartridges, 16mm COM film, duplex film, aperture cards, source document jacketed fiche, 35mm fiche, hollerith punch cards, different aperture card drawing sizes, and other media.

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