Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lowest Microfilm Scan Price

Microfilm Scan Price Discount- Claim your microfilm scanning price coupon offered by Generation Imaging. Your 16mm roll film conversion of microfilm to digital images may qualify for the $0.0075 per image Summer Special. There are various other discounts for 35mm microfilm reels, and digitizing microfiche.

Lock your discount now, by submitting your microfilm scanning pricing quote. Schedule your project in early before the number of microfilm and microfiche discount slots disappear. Summer capacity is filling up, and Generation Imaging has created a rain check system as well, but with limited spots available.

Generation Imaging is truly your one-stop destination for a microfiche scanning service and microfilm scanning bureau. G.I. has converted numerous scanning jobs for schools, resellers, researchers, and many other organizations that need to digitize microfilm rolls.

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