Monday, June 7, 2010

Scanning Military Records from Microfiche or Microfilm

We can help you find some military records that have been archived on microfiche or microfilm or guide you to where you can find them on your own. Historical records within public archival systems may have information you may be interested in, such as your army, navy, air force, marine, or other military service record. In addition, the national archive system has an unbelievable amount of records dating way back and contains information on early military activities. If you are interested in finding information about you or someone you know, you can study some of these archive system or contact us for more information.

Finding the records that you are interested in is the first step. The next step is to request a copy of the files for your use. There is an enormous amount of records stored in microfiche and on microfilm rolls. Many times the government has your military record or of someone you know on microfiche. We can convert records from microfilm or microfiche to digital format once you attain those records. Scanning microfiche will make it achievable to store images on your computer, e-mail them, upload them to the web, or print documents from your computer. Reading information from a digital image can be preferable than trying to read the information from the microform itself.

In addition to scanning and digitizing the microfilm, we can OCR the information on the images. OCR enables the information on the documents to become searchable. Let's say there are hundreds of names in the records you have, and you like to hunt for one specific name. When we perform OCR on the documents, all you have to do is to perform a Find/Search in a free PDF viewer (like Adobe Acrobat or Foxit) for the name you are looking for, and the software will locate all the documents where the name is found, and also highlight the name for you. This takes seconds and can be much more accurate that finding the name manually.

We have converted millions of records from 16mm microfilm, 35mm microfilm, and from microfiche cards. Military records that are kept on microfilm can be converted to digital format. We are specialists at converting microfilm records. We like to help you convert your microfiche or microfilm records to digital format. We can digitize your military records and OCR the images using state of the art equipment. Let us know if we can help you situated the records you are interested in.

The compilation of military records and other historical events is very considerable. If we can help with the conversion step or in some other way, just let us know and we will be delighted to assist you. Once you identify military records or other historical records that you want to process, we can transfer the information from a microfiche or microfilm roll format to digital format, and return the final information to you on a CD. From there, you can load the historical records into your personal computer and make as many searches on it as you like. This optional OCR process is an additional procedure that can further enhance your ability to find information within the records faster and at a higher success rate.

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