Monday, May 17, 2010

Scan One Roll of Microfilm or Scan a Few Microfiche

Scanning a Roll of Microfilm or A Handful of Microfiche Cards

Generation Imaging is a full service microfilm conversion company, but that does not impede us from taking the time to service the customers with one roll of microfilm to digitize, or a handful of microfiche to scan. Any number of microfiche cards or rolls of microfilm is ok with us, we will provide great service either way.

The need for people to convert one roll of microfilm or one microfiche card exists, and is difficult for them to find a vendor. Most companies will not provide this service because they do not want to deal with very small microfilm conversion jobs. Converting a few microfiche for a customer requires a lot of awareness and companies plainly do not want to take the time. Additionally, scanning one roll of microfilm usually means that someone needs to stop more productive work to cope with the scanning of one roll of microfilm. Contact us if you need to digitize a small job or a super big job.

We value all of our customers equally and have always promise to provide the same level of service whether you have two rolls of microfilm to digitize or one microfiche card to scan. With us, your project will receive good service because we know you deserve it. Additionally, we make sure priorities and commitments to you are met so your project will be completed on time. Small scanning jobs are not as profitable as big scanning jobs and we make sure that this fact does not interfere with job priority.

Our priority is customer satisfaction. This is why is it never a problem for Generation Imaging to treat your one roll of microfilm or your hand full of microfiche to scan and turn it around within days. Also, we can also index the images we scan for you from one roll of microfilm. Regardless of how many microfilm rolls you have, we can provide high service.

It is typical that a very small microfiche conversion job requires a very fast delivery. We have completed this task many times by converting a few microfiche cards or one or two rolls of microfiche and sending the final images via the internet. This process is easy and can be very secure. Consequently, you don't have to worry because we take care of you job.

If you have one microfiche cards or one microfilm roll to scan or larger amounts, give us a call or email us. Your project will be returned in a very short time. Customer satisfaction drives us to commitment and this means your microfilm conversion project is important to us.  We have converted projects from one microfiche card to many millions of images and we know that any size project requires the same commitment.  As a clients, you will never need to worry if you can have your one roll of microfilm scanned, just let us know what you need and we will make it happen.

Contact us for a price quote or any questions.

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