Friday, January 8, 2010

Microfiche scanning jobs

My first day as a microfiche scanning operator, I was taught how to set up a COM fiche grid on a Mekel scanner. I was thankfully taught by someone who already had years of experience under his belt scanning COM microfiche and COM fiche scanning of many types. I say thankfully because the official manual had nothing- and I mean nothing- on how to run the software for actual scanning microfiche. The manuals themselves were more about optics, reduction ration, and hardware, with definitions of the detection parameters. Actual technique and steps for scanning microfiche were missing.

I picked up COM fiche scanning very quickly, and the next week I was taught how to scan a jacket fiche conversion on the Mekels.

In the months ahead, I went through the steps for Sunrise microfiche setups to scan 16mm roll film and 35 mm roll film, and got all of the internal steps, tips, and instructions.

I kinda pity a microfilm scanning company that doesn't have experienced trainers, scanner operators, or managers. Learning how to scan microfilm or scanning microfiche on your own can be a huge mess. Good scanning companies have plenty of microfilm scanning experience.

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