Friday, January 8, 2010

Microfiche scanning techniques, part 3

The process of microfilm scanning is very important and requires the knowledge of an expert to assure that it is done correctly.

Scanning is the middle process that transfers a document from microfiche to digital format. To perform this process and obtain good results, you need to get a good understanding on how  scanning equipment works. You need to invest top dollars to purchase a good scanner (Sunrise, NextScan, Mekel, Wicks & Wilson) imaging software, and technical help. In addition to the expense of the equipment, you may incur additional expenses for the training to operate the scanner. Not all microfiche scanners are suited the same for all types of microfiche, (for example some can scan COM fiche better than others) so get well inform before investing.

Another option is to consult with an expert before you invest big money in buying microfiche scanners. Scanning Depot can help you understand all about scanning, as well as providing you with alternative solutions. Throughout the years, hundreds of individuals and organizations have been helped by experts from Scanning Depot. Some customers only needed supporting documentation to promote their microfiche conversion project. Others needed additional understanding of the concept, and many rely on us for the actual conversion process. A company equipped with the best scanning equipment will be best positioned to provide the fastest turnaround time at competitive prices.

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