Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Am Searching To Buy a Used Microfilm Scanner

I have to scan many 16mm rolls of microfilm internally for my firm. I need to purchase a used microfilm scanner that is in works. New systems are very expensive and this is why a used microfilm equipment may work for me. If you have a microfilm scanner that you are not interested in keeping anymore, and want to sell it, please contact me.

I looked up on the internet systems made by  Wicks and Wilson, Mekel, Sunrise, Nextscan and others, but new systems are too expensive for my project. The16mm rolls are silver black copies. I have many of them so the microfilm scanner needs to be a production microfilm scanner. If you are selling your used microfilm scanner or if you have an old microfilm scanner that you don't know the real conditions of it, I can tried to find out.

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