Friday, January 15, 2010

Fiche scanning and document imaging

Digitizing microfiche has many benefits, including the electronic retrieval of your indexed digital images. Whichever type of microfiche that goes through the digitizing process (COM fiche, jacketed microfiche, rewritable fiche cards, etc.) can be indexed by the image or named by folder grouping, just like your current filing system. Since COM fiche and jacket microfiche were originally used in a filling system, naming of files and directories to match the system is ideal. The box, batch, envelope, or the data on the fiche header labels can be utilized to index the images, depending on your needs.

Sometimes people refer to microfiche cards as pages of microfiche. At times these leads to some confusion since a microfiche card can actually contain many pages or documents of information within each microfiche card. We are always digitizing microfiche cards that contain COM (computer output to microfiche) images, jacket microfiche cards, these are cards with images from 16mm rolls or 35mm rolls of microfiche. It is common for us to convert very high volumes of microfiche and we are always looking to buy used microfilm scanners to supplement our resources. 

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