Friday, January 15, 2010

How Much Does It Cost to Scan Microfiche? (really)

How much does it cost to scan microfiche? Why is there so much variance of microfiche pricing between microfilm scanning companies? The cost of fiche scanning depends on the microfiche type, so Step 1 would be to identify the type of microfiche to be digitized. Step 2 is to determine the volume of the microfiche digital conversion (how many cards and how many images are on an average card).

For example, COM fiche has around 208 to 270 frames and is computer generated. From an experienced microfiche scanning company like Scanning Depot, you can get one of the lowest prices on the market at the image level.

Jacketed microfiche generally contain under 70 images per card (usually they have a few rows of 16mm film strips). Step-and-repeat microfiche can fall under either fiche category depending on the image layout on the fiche card. The same can be said for rewritable microfiche.

For a related blog article, see Types of Microfiche to help in identifying the various types of microfiche cards.

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