Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Need To Buy a Used Microfilm Scanner For 35mm Film

I have to buy a used microfilm scanner to scan 35mm rolls, and I need it soon. If you have one I can offer to buy your system. I have hundreds of 35mm rolls and my company will not send it out. I came across brands names of microfilm scanners on the net that will do the job. These are Nextscan, Wicks and Wilson, Mekel, and Sunrise. If you have one of these used microfilm scanning systems, please let me know.

New systems we found out are too costly so a used microfilm scanner will have to do. If you have one or can recommend me to someone, please let me know. Also, 35mm microfilm scanners come with instructions and I hope that if you have a used microfilm scanner that you still have some of these information. Either way, any information you can provide will help.

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