Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Microfilm Scanner Maintenance

Check the maintenance program for microfilm scanning equipment and you may be surprised at how expensive it can get to keep these systems serviced.

If you have a Sunrise, Wicks and Wilson, NextStar, or Mekel roll film scanner, one question you will soon be asking is "Where can I get microfilm scanner maintenance?" The problem is that microfilm scanning technology breaks down, and if you don't the original service agreements with the manufactures, service from other vendors is difficult to get. If you don't follow procedures, and let your microfilm scanner service agreement lapse, you will be paying thousands of dollars to replace parts, fix, and repair these machines.

It's one of the horrors of trying to be in the microfilm scanning business if you don't have the experience and technical know-how, like Scanning Depot has. If you have microfilm that needs to be digitized, contact Scanning Depot for a microfilm scanning quote and price estimate today. They can also do a test run for you for free, and the information they will share with you can also help you with your microfilm conversion project.

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