Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Microfiche Scanning And The Recession

Due in part to the media coverage saying that the Great Depression is right around the corner, may be partially the reason why many government agencies, counties, cities, and corporations kinda put a freeze on their willingness (and purse strings) to put money into their digital microfiche conversion.
After President Obama's inauguration, the bail out, and after some better signs from the stock market, more and more organizations are once again looking at their budgets and are finally realizing the importance of a COM fiche, jacketed microfiche, rewritable fiche cards, or step and repeat microfiche conversion. The bottom line is that converting microfiche to image will save your organization money in the long term. Needless to say, the increase in customer service, once a digital system is in place, is much better that sending customers to search through microfiche cards.

It's too costly to go out and buy microfiche scanners, get trained, and hire new workers to run the machines and come up with a microfiche scanning process flow, but it's not too costly to get your COM fiche or microfiche converted by Scanning Depot. At a few pennies per image sending fiche cards to a company that provides microfiche scanning services is still the most cost effective thing to do.

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