Thursday, January 7, 2010

Microfiche scanning: Digitize microfiche to PDF

Do you need a microfiche scanning partner regardless of your location? Consider Scanning Depot as a microfiche scanning service company. Scanning Depot's managers and scanner operators have worked with organizations in the U.S., U.K., Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and other countries. Using the best microfiche scanners from NextScan, Mekel, and Sunrise, digital imaging processes include digitizing COM fiche, 16mm and 35mm jacketed microfiche, step-and-repeat cards, and rewritable microfiche.

Fun question of the day: What is the difference between microfiche and microfilm?

Microfiche are created on small cards, around the size of index cards. Microfilm is generally 16mm or 35mm and looks like movie film to the untrained eye. The process of digitization of microfiche is much different than microfilm scanning, but the end result is exactly the same: microfilm conversions and digitizing microfiche have the same output- digital images.

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