Friday, January 15, 2010

Microfiche document imaging

Microfiche to digital image conversion and indexing has come a long way over the years. You can make searchable pdf files (OCR and ICR) from your documents so you can search for specific information. This is more difficult if the images reside on 16mm microfilm or 35mm microfilm or some other format like microfiche cards. This is just one example of what information technology has done to improve document management and document imaging.

There are many ways that you can index your documents to make the images more useful. These include a process of data entry and indexing of vital information. Data entry is basically the process of entering information from your documents into a database. The type of information that is captured in this process is later used to find the documents that you need. The database used in this process stores the name and location of an image, and links the information to the images so that when you search for a name or address, for example, the document is displayed. Many times this information is located at the fiche header label.

Indexing is also a term used to describe the data entry process. Some people relate this term to the process of organizing information by some searchable format. In general it is the same as data entry. You should contact an experienced and well-established company.

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