Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Transfer and convert microfilm to TIFF or PDF In Florida

Understanding a bit more about your microfilm can help you with your next microfilm conversion project. Here is more information that can be useful for you.

Frames contained on 16mm rolls can be converted to TIFF, JPEG, or PDF images. 16 mm roll film may have been filmed as simplex (one document per frame), or duplex (two images side-by-side on each frame). Many times the duplex images contain the front and back of the original source document. Depending on your needs, Scanning Depot can scan both document sides in one frame, or split out the two documents into separate images.

There are many variations of image orientation. For instance, images can be filmed positive or negative, with variable image lengths, and different sizes. There may also be inconsistencies in regards to image density due to film degradation or inconsistencies in the original development process. However, Scanning Depot's production team and technical experts will always bring out the best potential from any form of media during the microfilm scanning process.

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