Thursday, January 7, 2010

Transfer images to 35mm roll film with 35mm archive writer

If you are in the micrographics, document, or information technology industry sometimes you may encounter microfilm government RFP bid asking for 35mm archive writing. What the 35mm archive writing process entails is it creates a reel of film from digital images. It's kind of like reverse engineering from microfilm scanning! There's only one problem- creating 35mm from images with a 35mm archive writer is very expensive because there are only a few 35mm archive writers on the market, and they run close to $100,000.

The good news is that Scanning Depot can create 35mm rolls from G4 TIFFs or PDFs. Each roll of 35mm 100′ archive microfilm meets all ANSI standards of quality, and is great for backups for federal, local, or state government RFP bids. Converting TIFF and PDF images to microfilm is a requirement for many governments, so it must get done. Send us your Group IV TIFF or PDF document images on DVD, CD, or external USB drive and we can transfer them onto 35mm microfilm.

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