Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Economy And Microfilm Scanning

The effect of the economic calapse has trickle down to most industries. Gas prices were high when this began, and it was only a matter of time before the recession cloud hit the microfilm scanning industry.

The peak of economic fear, in my view, was during the presidential election. So it was no wonder that many government agencies, counties, cities, and corporations kinda put a freeze on their willingness (and purse strings) to put money into their digital microfilm conversion. These organizations may have lots of information on 16mm roll film or 35mm roll film. Some may even have the data in microfiche cards, making the use of this information very slow.

Of course, after President Obama's inauguration, the bail out, and after some better signs from the stock market, more and more organizations are once again looking at their budgets and are finally realizing the importance of a 16mm or 35mm microfilm conversion. The bottom line is that converting microfilm to image will save your organization money in the long term.

It's too costly to go out and buy microfilm scanners, get trained, and hire new workers to run the machines and come up with a microfilm scanning process flow, but it's not too costly to get your 16mm and 35mm roll film converted by Scanning Depot. At less that a penny per image, sending roll film to a company that provides microfilm scanning services is still the most cost effective thing to do.

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